Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year 2020!

We're looking at a very transformative coming year …

Astrologers have been talking about this coming year for a long time. They predict «A Big Shift» with great collective awakenings and major global changes. They use words like «monumental» and «extraordinary» to describe the stellar constellations, and compare the times coming with the changes that took place in the 60’s!  

The Year of the Big Shift!

The Year of the Big Shift

So let’s hope that 2020 will be as extraordinary as the astrologers predict! Personally I feel deep, positive anticipation and happiness for what is coming this year. I feel the hope rising in the collective for profound and major changes. People are expected to feel a genuine desire for personal transformations because of this shift. And apparently it’s not without a reason … The stars are lining up in a very special way!

Predicted to Be Like the Fabulous 60's

Astrologers compare the planetary constellations to that of the fabulous 60’s! At that time many old beliefs were broken down. Governments fell, and fresh new ideas and paradigms took hold. It was a truly revolutionary time. This time around the astrologers predict something of the same collective energy. It has something to do with JUPITER and SATURN being conjunct —meaning that they are placed very close to each other. I will not write about the specifics of the planetary constellations here although I am interested in that side of the matter … It can easily become tedious for those who don’t know much about planets and signs and so forth. 

Global Awakening of Consciousness

"Who Are We?" —
"Why Are We Here?"

There will be a collective awakening of consciousness to a higher vibrational energy. People will see through the old illusions, and they will want to put things «right»! The fundamental questions will be asked again: «Who Are We?»  and «WHY Are We here?» 

The Question Why Are We Here and Who Are We? will be asked now!

Collective Shadows are Surfacing

This will be a time when we will be forced to grow out of the old dysfunctional patterns and stagnated traditions. Collective shadows are surfacing after years of deep spiritual work by millions of people around the world who have already woken up and worked through their own shadow sides. This is (in my opinion) a (predicted) collective rising of consciousness that is breaking through into the open now. 

Corruption in government will be revealed. Dirty politicians will fall from power. Dark energy that destroys the world will have to be smoked out. 

Increased LOVE for Our Beautiful Green Planet GAIA

Our Green Planet Gaia

People will become more aware of our beautiful green planet GAIA, and they will want to protect and nourish her more. Although these changes might create upheavals, it will be for the good of all in the end. 10 years from now when we look back at this dynamic year we will understand why it had to happen. People will WANT to do more life supporting acts for the good of their fellow beings, and for society as a whole. Everything concerning nature will be more in the focus, and people will cooperate to create more sustainable projects in all fields of life.  

Old Dysfunctional Ways Will Have to Go!

The overall picture is that the OLD dysfunctional ways that are not working will have to go. 

Will it be easy? No! Change is always challenging. But it will be for the good. This will not come without «rocking the ship»! 

There might be places in the world where those who hold positions of power will not let go. We might come to see huge polarities between the OLD and the NEW … The old paradigms and fundamentalist ways will fight and resist, but will not survive in the end! 

We will see fights, opposition, revolutionary tendencies and even civil wars. When something new dawns — something old has to be broken down. And that process can be painful and dramatic.  

So 2020 might become a year of tumults, but it will bring huge and necessary transformations for us all!  

ALL of the above … according to the «wise» astrologers and psychics. 

Happy New Year ALL! 

Have a great transformational 2020! 



The information in this blog is based on video interviews with the excellent astrologer Pam Gregory, the Vedic astrologer Jony Patry, and the psychic musician Lee Harris.